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PODCAST: Can You Really Indulge In Diet Soda Guilt-Free?

Feb. 28, 2023

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Most people switch to diet soda as a way to appease their sweet tooth without losing control of their waistline. But some pretty serious accusations have been made about these calorie-free drinks. Links to cancer and other health conditions have been debunked, but what about weight gain and increased sugar cravings? In this episode, we discuss whether your diet soda habit is really any healthier, what current studies have to say about artificial sweeteners and tips for making the switch from full-sugar soda to diet.

Hosts: Zach Moore (interviewer), Katie McCallum

Expert: Dr. Karla Saint Andre, Endocrinologist

Notable topics covered:

  • How artificial sweeteners in diet soda affect the body
  • The eyebrow-raising claims about artificial sweeteners
  • What you need to know about the acidic nature and caffeine content of diet soda
  • How to know if your diet soda habit has become unhealthy
  • Where diet soda ranks on a scale from water to energy drinks
  • Whether Dr. Saint Andre recommends switching from regular soda to diet
  • More suggestions for cutting back on full-sugar sodas


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