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PODCAST: Do Weight Loss Medications Work? Are They Safe? Who Are They For?

Dec. 5, 2023

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It's no secret that America is facing an obesity crisis. But is there hope on the horizon? The new wave of weight-loss medications — Wegovy and Zepbound — certainly seem to be game changers. Whereas previous options helped people lose only around 5% of their weight, these new medications can lead to up to 22% weight loss. But you're not alone if you have questions. In this episode, we discuss everything we know (and don't yet know) about the new class of weight-loss medications.

Expert: Dr. Garth Davis, Weight Loss Surgeon

Interviewer: Zach Moore

Notable topics covered:

  • The many reasons why losing weight often isn't as simple as diet and exercise
  • How the new wave of weight-loss medications work
  • All about GLP-1 agonists, including why achieving "the GLP-1 effect" promotes weight loss
  • Who should consider taking these medications? And are they covered by insurance?
  • Just one tool to get weight off: why diet and exercise still matter
  • Will you need to stay on this medication forever?
  • How these medications also benefit heart health, type 2 diabetes management and more
  • The potential side effects of weight-loss medications
  • Weight-loss medications vs. supplements
  • How weight-loss medication compares to bariatric surgery


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