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First-in-Human, Robotic-assisted NVI in the Extracranial Carotid Circulation

March 30, 2021

Results of a first-in-human feasibility study, conducted by Gavin Britz, MD, Director of the Houston Methodist Neurological Institute, Candy and Tom Knudson Distinguished Centennial Chair in Neurosurgery, and colleagues show that the use of robotic technology can improve technique and reduce occupational hazards in neurovascular intervention (NVI).

While the use of robotics is well established in the treatment of coronary and peripheral vascular disease, it has not been demonstrated in a neurovascular setting. This study describes a first-in-human experience using robotic-assisted NVI in the extracranial carotid circulation.

The study included six patients who presented with carotid circulation pathology between March and September 2019.  Five had a diagnostic angiography with robotic-assisted catheter manipulation. One had a diagnostic angiography followed by a therapeutic intervention. There were no technical complications and no clinical deficits post-procedure. None of the cases required conversion to manual NVI.

See the study for more detailed discussion of the procedures in Neurosurgery, March 2021.


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