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Structured academic activities include a weekly conference and bioskills labs, which are described below.

Wednesday Morning Conferences
Directed by Dr. Patrick McCulloch, these conferences include formal presentations by the sports faculty and fellows at Houston Methodist. Topics are prepared by fellows with the assistance of the faculty assigned to that conference. They are then presented by select fellows and discussed by faculty and other fellows.  Basic science aspects of clinical topics are routinely covered.

Under the direct supervision of a full-time faculty member, journal articles are reviewed once a month during Journal Club. The articles are chosen from peer review journals:

  • The Journal of Bone & Joint Surgery
  • The Journal of Arthroscopic and Related Surgery
  • American Journal of Sports Medicine

Bioskills Labs
This lab is held every quarter in the Houston Methodist Sports Anatomy Laboratory and is intended to give both faculty and fellows the opportunity for dissections. Sessions are under the direction of Dr. Patrick McCulloch and program faculty with a special interest in the anatomic region. Various anatomic regions are covered in the regular rotation throughout the year. Emphasis is placed on the surgical approaches of the region, as well as the surrounding anatomical structures.

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