Class of 2018
Michael Cain, MD
Peter Howard, MD
Cris Mathew, DO

Class of 2017
Emily Cha, MD
Michael Hopson, MD
Edward Walker Gallego, MD

Class of 2016
Neil Duplantier, MD
Jeremiah Palmer, MD
Shazad Shaikh, MD

Class of 2015
Naseem Beauchman, MD
Justin O’Guinn, MD
Russell Russo, MD

Class of 2014
Donald Dolce, MD
Patrick Massey, MD
Craig O’Neill, MD

Class of 2013
Joseph Farber, MD
Kendall Hamilton, MD
Jeffrey Lue, MD

Class of 2012
Wasyl Fedoriw, MD
Justin Franz, MD
David Lin, MD

Class of 2011
Aaron Bott, MD
Carlton Houtz, MD

Class of 2010
Jayesh Patel, MD

Class of 2009
Nirav Shah, MD
Bruce Stewart, MD

Class of 2008
John Duggan, MD
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