Message from the Program Director

On behalf of the Department of Surgery at Houston Methodist Hospital, I would like to thank you for your inquiry into our residency in general surgery. Our primary objective is to train and educate the future leaders in surgery. To this end, I am responsible for ensuring that our residency program delivers the educational and training opportunities necessary for you to develop into a skilled surgeon. I am responsible for the selection identification of core faculty, the training environments in which you learn and the educational programs delivered to you. Lastly, I am responsible for ensuring that the residency is in compliance with regulatory and program requirements of organizations with oversight for the residency. I am responsible to ensure that you have a safe and supportive environment in which to work, learn and practice as a young surgeon.

In return for the investment our program will make in you, you are responsible for applying your own best efforts to progress in the residency. You must work to develop your medical knowledge, your skills as young surgeons and your ability to provide care to patients. Unlike medical school, you are expected to assume responsibility for your education and use the training opportunities as a platform for your professional growth. You will learn to use environment wisely and to adhere to high professional standards in your work.

Novel surgical education tracks have been developed at the Houston Methodist Residency in General Surgery and flexibility in surgical training have been made for residents seeking:

  • Abdominal Transplant Fellowship Track
  • Resident Scientist Research Track
  • General Surgery Leadership and Health Care Administration Track

After learning more about our residency program through our website, you may agree that it would be difficult to find another program that will match the commitment and quality of our faculty in an environment with Houston Methodist’s clinical volume and complexity for surgical training. We are also committed to crafting the most valuable research experience for our residents to match their professional goals.

Please keep us in mind as you consider your future options and we look forward to working with you in the future.