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PODCAST: How to Avoid Common Shoe Mistakes

Feb. 21, 2023


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You probably don't think about your health when you buy shoes, but they support one of the body's most complex structures — your feet, the site of 25% of your bones and muscles. According to polls, 8 in 10 adults experience problems with their feet. What's more is that the wrong shoes or wrong fit can also affect your legs, knees, hips, back and neck. What do you need to know to choose the right footwear? What happens when you don't? In this episode, we discuss the different conditions caused by improper footwear, what makes for the perfect fit and how to select the right shoe for the right activity.

Hosts: Zach Moore, Todd Ackerman (interviewer)

Expert: Dr. Andrew Friedmann, Orthopedic Surgeon

Notable topics covered:

  • The signs it's time to replace your shoes
  • How often you can wear those boots, heels and flip-flops
  • What's more important for foot health – the shoe or the fit
  • What happens when shoes are too big or when they're too tight
  • The optimal time of day to shop for new shoes
  • Specialized athletic shoes: Necessary? Or just capitalism run amuck?
  • Are there actually health benefits to barefoot shoes?
  • How to care for your feet after removing your shoes


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