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How to Make a Healthy Salad That Will Actually Fill You Up

June 17, 2020 - Katie McCallum

As you sit down for lunch, you've already decided it's going to be a healthy one. But now, much to your dismay, you notice that every single salad on the menu has at least 800 calories — and the Cobb salad you have your eye on has more than 1,000. In the midst of questioning everything you thought you knew about salads, you're left wondering: Are salads actually healthy or what?

The reality is that there's always a way to turn a healthy food option into an unhealthy one — and salads are no exception.

A salad is healthy, if built correctly. And while you can try to memorize the long list of things you shouldn't put in your salad, you can also just focus on what you should be adding to that healthy salad you're DIY'ing.

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