Social Distancing: How Far Is 6 Feet, Anyway?

July 27, 2020 - Katie McCallum

By now, you've got this social distancing thing down.

You know what it means: Reducing close contact between people. You know why it's important: It helps prevent the spread of COVID-19. And you know what it looks like: Keeping 6 feet of distance between yourself and others.

Actually, hang on there, do you really know what six feet looks like?

Since social distancing could be the difference between getting COVID-19 and not getting COVID-19, as well as spreading it and not spreading it — it's probably best to double-check.

Here are eight real-life objects that can help you more reliably visualize that imaginary 6-foot distance you need to keep between yourself and others:  

1. An adult bike

The perfect measuring tape on wheels.

social distancing how far is 6 feet

2. A three-person sofa

We're in a one-person-per-couch kind of pandemic.

social distancing how far is 6 feet

3. An open door plus three more feet

Answering the door to accept a delivery? Stand back.

social distancing how far is 6 feet

4. A king-size bed

Even your personal bubble is king-sized these days.

social distancing how far is 6 feet

5. A sedan

 If someone is inching closer, politely ask them to slow their roll.

social distancing how far is 6 feet

6. Two square restaurant tables

Your party of two may actually need the table space for a party of eight.

social distancing how far is 6 feet 

7. A yoga mat

Your zen extends to other end of your mat — even when you're not in a pose.

social distancing how far is 6 feet

8. A dairy cow

Social distancing means keeping a dairy cow between yourself and others.

social distancing how far is 6 feet


Concerned you may have COVID-19?

  • If you're experiencing COVID-19 symptoms, you can speak to a Virtual Urgent Care provider 24/7. The provider will help you determine if testing is needed and advise you on where you should go.
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