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How COVID-19 Impacts Medical Training: A Day Inside Our OB-GYN Residency

Dec. 2, 2020

Even amid the COVID-19 pandemic, medical training in our hospitals doesn't stop. However, it has impacted how our resident physicians learn.

"Our most complicated patient is about 29 weeks pregnant. She has COVID pneumonia, as well as sickle cell. We're trying to coordinate her care with the primary care, pulmonology and infectious disease teams to do the best for her, as well as manage her obstetrically to make sure that she's on the correct course in terms of where she should be in her pregnancy and that the baby is developing well," says Dr. Danielle Beharie, OB-GYN resident physician at Houston Methodist.

In the video above, follow Dr. Beharie as she shows us what a day inside her life as an OB-GYN resident looks like during COVID-19.

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