Daylight Saving Changes: Why Even 'Falling Back' Affects Your Sleep

Nov. 1, 2019 - Katie McCallum

We’re all protective of our sleep, or most of us try to be at least. If you're not, you should be — because sleep affects everything you do.

Sleep is a very delicate balance, and even just a tiny, one-hour change in schedule can have dramatic consequences on your sleep quality and ability to sleep on a schedule.

It probably makes sense why losing an hour in the spring affects your sleep, but have you ever wondered why gaining an hour in the fall does, too?

In the video above, Dr. Philip Pirtle, pulmonologist and sleep medicine specialist at Houston Methodist, explains why adjusting our clocks in either direction affects us so much and provides some tips on how to make adjusting to the change as smooth as possible.

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Tags: Sleep
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