Wellness & Social Events

Our residency program is committed to providing a well-rounded experience by hosting social events every two months. These faculty-sponsored gatherings provide residents with valuable opportunities to unwind, forge connections, and recharge effectively to complete their demanding professional obligations. Over time, our program has curated a diverse range of events, including bowling nights, karaoke sessions, wine and pizza evenings, and exhilarating field days! Through these activities, we promote the enhancement of both mental and physical well-being while fostering a resilient sense of camaraderie among both residents and faculty.


Moreover, our program boasts distinctive features that prioritize the well-being of our trainees. We ensure that they have convenient access to wholesome snacks during their clinical duties. As part of our commitment, we extend an annual stipend of $2,000 to the program specifically dedicated to grocery shopping.


In addition to these offerings, the program organizes an annual two-day retreat in the captivating Texas Hill Country. This retreat grants all residents a temporary reprieve from their clinical responsibilities, including calls. Throughout this weekend, residents participate in team-building sessions, mental and physical wellness exercises, and leisure activities.