Our Alumni


Paola Bustillos, MD
Current Institution: Rio Grande Urology in El Paso, TX
Fellowship or Private Practice: Private Practice
Your Experience at HMH: "My training at Houston Methodist Hospital in Urology was an invaluable chapter in my life. The exposure to cutting-edge technologies, and mentorship from renowned urologists laid a strong foundation for my career. It instilled in me a commitment to excellence in patient care, and the rigorous training equipped me with the skills and expertise needed to offer the highest quality urological care in my private practice. My time at Houston Methodist Hospital not only shaped my clinical acumen but also fostered a deep passion for delivering compassionate, patient-centered care that continues to define my practice today."


Kenan Celtik, MD
Current Institution: Crane Center for Transgender Surgery in San Francisco, CA
Fellowship or Private Practice: Reconstructive Urology Fellowship
Your Experience at HMH: "My training at Methodist exposed me to every subspecialty and gave me the surgical and clinical skillset needed to practice independently. Nonetheless, my mentors helped me build my academic resume and land a top fellowship."


Christopher Tallman, MD
Current Institution: Urology Medical Specialists in Delray Beach, FL
Fellowship or Private Practice: Private Practice
Your Experience at HMH: "Training as a resident in Urology at Houston Methodist Hospital was truly a remarkable experience for me. As a foreign medical graduate, I would have been happy to have a urology residency at any program, but I could not have imagined have the opportunity to train with such a prestigious group of faculty. What is truly unique about the program at Methodist, is not only the exceptional academic experience of the facility, but their unique and personal traits that make them great educators. While my focus starting residency was on robotics and prostate cancer, I was able to diversify and excel within multiple areas I was not previously as interested in. This has proven to be invaluable as a new private practice physician in a busy community setting.  Now, as a new urologist in the region, I am able to offer more advanced surgical treatment options, minimally invasive approaches including robotics as well as cutting edge therapies to a larger community that was typically sent to a tertiary referral center. My training at Houston Methodist was remarkable on every front, and is the greatest thing that I miss now having left the Houston area."