Cockrell Center Phase 1 Unit

Maen Abdelrahim, MD, PhD, BPharm
Director, Cockrell Center for Advanced Therapeutics

Pauline Todd, MBA, BSN, RN
System Director, Director of Research, Academic Office of Clinical Trials and Cockrell Center for Advanced Therapeutics
The Cockrell Center for Advanced Therapeutics Clinical Research Phase 1 Unit is located in the Houston Methodist Hospital’s Main Six Southeast wing. It is staffed by highly skilled and experienced professionals available to conduct early phase clinical trials involving advanced pharmacokinetic/pharmacodynamic evaluations. The Phase 1 Unit also serves as the store-front for health professionals seeking assistance with translational medical research associated with state-of-the-art precision medicine. The unit has exam rooms, private infusion rooms and a laboratory specimen processing area; we offer research nursing and coordinating services. The unit is conveniently located adjacent to in-patient units for in-patient studies and to a radiology facility dedicated to clinical trial.

  • Early-phase clinical trials
  • Research outpatient services
  • Regulatory and budget management
  • Pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic sampling (extended hours)
  • Infusion services for investigational drugs, biologics, and cell products

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