Cockrell Center for Advanced Therapeutics

Charles Geyer, Jr., MD, FACP, Director, Cockrell Center for Advanced Therapeutics, and Section Chief, Breast Oncology Program, Houston Methodist Cancer Center

Pauline Todd, MBA, BSN, RN, System Director, Director of Research, Academic Office of Clinical Trials and Cockrell Center for Advanced Therapeutics

The Cockrell Center for Advanced Therapeutics promote and support clinical research operations at Houston Methodist. They offer more than 7000 sq. ft. of clinical research space throughout the greater Houston area and in the Texas Medical Center to support clinical trials closer to study participant homes or workplaces.

The Center provide a full range of outpatient clinical care and study management services, including regulatory submissions and budget management support for all phases of clinical trials. They are staffed by research nurses, coordinators, and regulatory personnel to support internally and externally sponsored clinical research.

Cockrell Center for Advanced Therapeutics Clinical Research Phase 1 Unit is involved with early-phase and proof-of-concept clinical trials, and conducting advanced pharmacokinetic or pharmacodynamic evaluations.