Visiting Houston

Visiting Houston city skyline

Houston Methodist Hospital is located in the world-renowned Texas Medical Center in Houston, Texas. Houston is a diverse, multicultural city, with more than 145 languages spoken within the city. This is due in part to the city’s status as a hub for a wide array of international businesses, ranging from engineering and health care to energy and aerospace.

Your Journey to Houston Begins Here

You will work closely with the Global Health Care Services team and your patient liaison to ensure you receive all the medical care and support you need during your stay. We also want to make sure your visit to Houston is as comfortable as possible. That is why we have collected information on many helpful services for our international visitors, including:

Please note: Houston Methodist is not affiliated with any of the companies that provide these services, nor do we endorse any of the services. We are providing this information as a courtesy to our international patients and their loved ones.

Additional Resources

Houston has a great deal to offer you as an international traveler. We recommend the following resources to help you decide what to do and how to plan your visit: