Support Services & Language Assistance

We understand how challenging it can be for international patients to navigate the complex U.S. health care system on their own. That is why Houston Methodist offers a wide range of support services and language interpretation through our patient liaisons. These services are all available free of charge.

About Your Patient Liaisons

You will work closely with two teams of patient liaisons: one in your home country or region and one here in Houston. Once we receive a request for an appointment or information from you or your referring doctor, your liaison will contact you to gather information about your condition and your unique needs.

When you arrive in Houston, you’ll first meet with your dedicated patient liaison in our Global Health Care Services office. Your liaison will handle the key aspects involved with your medical care during your stay in Houston. This makes the process easier for you and your loved ones while you are under our care.

When your treatment at Houston Methodist is complete and you can return home, your patient liaison will again work with your in-country liaison to ensure a smooth transition. The in-country liaison will work with your referring doctor and other members of your care team to make sure your needs are addressed. If you need any prescription medications or medical equipment as part of your ongoing care, the in-country liaison will coordinate those as well. And, the in-country liaison will stay in contact with you to make sure you are doing well following your treatment with us.

Our Support Services

Your patient liaison will be your primary point of contact while you are in Houston. Our liaisons are all part of the same team and can support each other as needed, though you will work with the same patient liaison for all or most of your stay. With your liaison’s help navigating your care, you and your family can concentrate on your health and well-being.

Your patient liaison will speak your language, has experience communicating and interacting with patients across cultures and can help address any questions you and your loved ones may have during your stay. Your liaison will work with your Houston Methodist doctors and other care team members to schedule all your appointments and procedures, as well as any laboratory, imaging or other testing you may need. You will work with your patient liaison to understand any preparations you must make before surgery or other treatments.

Some of the many services your patient liaison will provide include:

  • Providing information about lodging, travel options and more
  • Appointment scheduling
  • Laboratory and imaging scheduling
  • Registration for appointments and services
  • Coordination with your care team, including patient instructions
  • Billing coordination and consolidation (learn more about paying for your care)
  • Language interpretation

Our language services

Ensuring that you and your care team can communicate effectively is essential to your health and well-being. Your patient liaison will provide in-person language interpretation for you and your loved ones during your care with us, including during all scheduled appointments, tests and procedures.

It is possible that you could need interpretation services outside of your normally scheduled visits with your care team. For example, if you need to come to our Emergency Department during your stay, your patient liaison might not be available right away. In these cases, we offer interpretation services over the phone or through remote video. If you are going to the Emergency Department during your stay, you should call your patient liaison directly or our on-call number, +1.713.441.2340, so we can arrange interpretation services for you when you arrive. Please note: Calling your patient liaison is not a substitute for calling 911 or emergency services.