The Zusman Neural Network

The Patricia Levy Zusman Neural Network is a collection of workshops and mini-courses that are hosted by the Houston Methodist Center for Neuroregeneration and Department of Neurosurgery.

Participants at the 2023 Zusman Workshop.

The Zusman Neural Network aims to stimulate new ideas that will fill the gap between physiology and functional-based brain stimulation technologies and the molecular and cellular understanding of innate neuronal plasticity. This is achieved through a hyper-focused environment in workshops with an incubator set up, allowing participants to attend technical presentations on targeted subjects and providing a facilitatory environment to promote communication and collaboration between attendees. We further this by providing educational opportunities to the next generation of scientists aimed at deepening their understanding of the mechanics and synthesis of project development in systems neuroscience as well as the implementation and interpretation of experimental design, scientific rigor, and statistics in neuroscience. 

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For questions regarding Zusman Neural Network events, please contact:

Center for Neuroregeneration
Department of Neurosurgery
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