Ob-Gyn Clerkship for Medical Students

Medical Student Application Process

Third Year, Fourth Year and  Visiting Fourth Year Students

The University of Texas Medical School - Third Year
Third-year medical students from The University of Texas Medical School in Houston currently rotate through the Houston Methodist OB-GYN residency on a regular basis. These students have the opportunity to be part of a diverse and dynamic program as they rotate through St. Joseph Medical Center as a part of the Houston Methodist experience. Interested third-year medical students from the University of Texas Medical School should contact Clarissa Spraberry, clerkship coordinator at 713.566-5962  or via email at Clarissa.J.Spraberry@uth.tmc.edu for further information.

Fourth Year Students
The goal of the fourth-year elective is to provide a challenging clinical and academic experience, shaped to best fit the students’ interest and goals. In general, fourth year student electives take place during the calendar month; however, some flexibility exists depending on the individual circumstances. Other than the Night Float week, responsibilities are Monday through Friday without night call, and weekends are free.

Texas A&M Health Science Center Medical School Students - Houston Campus
Fourth-year Texas A&M Health Science Center Medical School students who are interested in an elective rotation at the Houston Campus should contact Elizabeth "Liz" Stacker 4th Year Coordinator Elizabeth "Liz" Stacker, 713.441.4706 or via email at estacker@houstonmethodist.org.  Please visit Texas A&M Health Science Center Houston campus website for additional questions and information.

The University of Texas Medical School Students
Fourth-year University of Texas Medical School in Houston students wanting to apply elective rotation should complete a Senior Course Preference Form from the UT Medical School at Houston.  For more information you may contact Dawn Morvant, 713.500.5140 or via email at dawn.c.morvant@uth.tmc. Further instructions on the process will be given at that time. 

Weill Cornell Medical College Students  - Houston Campus
Fourth-year students at Weill Cornell Medical College may apply for electives in gynecologic oncology, high-risk obstetrics or general gynecology by visiting their online electives course catalog or by contacting Elizabeth "Liz" Stacker 4th Year Coordinator Elizabeth "Liz" Stacker , 713.441.4706 or via email at estacker@houstonmethodist.org

Other Medical School Students
Other fourth-year students may apply for electives, which are open to visiting students, through the University of Texas Medical School in Houston. An advanced patient care elective that has a flexible modular curriculum is very popular for fourth-year students. One week is spent on Night Float (Sunday through Thursday evenings), one week on gynecologic oncology and the other two weeks are flexible. Options for the other two weeks include ultrasound, obstetrics, gynecology, surgical skills, research and medical writing skills. Fourth-year students rotate through Houston Methodist Hospital as well as St. Joseph Medical Center.

Visiting students should visit the Visiting Student Application Services (VSAS) and complete the online request. The Course number is OBGY4017. You will be contacted once this application is received.

For any additional questions regarding Medical Student applications, requirements or general information, please contact Vanessa Yacouby, Academic Coordinator
OB-GYN Clerkship Program at 713.441.4716 or via email at vyacouby@houstonmethodist.org

We strive for excellence in our educational program at Houston Methodist. Because time and hands-on experience is necessary for our students’ academic curriculum, the Houston Methodist OB-GYN residency program does not offer any form of observership or auditions.