Summer Undergraduate Research Internship


Join US: June 3-August 9, 2019

The best way to lure the brightest young minds to a career in biomedical research is to offer an opportunity to work in labs  with some of the nation's top scientists. Houston Methodist's 10-week summer student program does just that: It matches faculty members with medical students and college undergraduates as they focus on a single research project. Students also attend  weekly didactic lectures given by mentors, invited speakers and other leaders.

The summer student program provides numerous opportunities for professional and career development. Students have access to faculty mentors, including Philip Horner, PhD (pictured, second-to-right), and Ennio Tasciotti, PhD (pictured, right). Social and networking events include a welcome reception, sporting event and a retreat when students present their work. Some students continue to work with their mentors after the internship, and in some cases see their projects in co-authored publications. Students share testimonials below.


Justin Vincent (left), 2017 Summer Intern

"About the Summer Undergraduate Research Internship, I am so happy that I was able to do it two summers in a row during college. It led to an opportunity to work in Dr. Ashizawa’s lab the following summer before starting medical school. I learned so much about biomedical research techniques and thought processes that motivated me to pursue research as a physician. My career plan is to enter academic medicine, so the foundation I got through the internship made me incredibly prepared and motivated to explore those interests further. I recommend the internship to anyone interested in biomedical research.  I am grateful to have been a part of it!."

Abdul Datarwala (left), 2016 Summer Intern

"I spent my summer exploring potential cures for cancer. I was fortunate to get the Summer Undergraduate Research Internship, a formative part of my career development, granting me unique research experience. My work involved DNA and protein extraction from human cells. The best part of my experience, the best feeling was the satisfaction I got every day when walking through the hospital seeing patients, knowing that once I got to the lab, we would be working to find cures for those patients and others just like them. I also was fortunate to receive a co-author publication, a dream come true for me. The internship was an amazing experience, which has prepared me well for my professional career."

The Rosenberg Summer Surgical Fellowship


2018 Summer Surgical Cohort

The Rosenberg Summer Surgical Fellowship is a surgical fellowship sponsored by Wade Rosenberg, MD (pictured, third from right) of the Department of Surgery.  Accepted applicants  look forward to 10 weeks of direct mentorship from a surgeon in General Surgery, NeurosurgeryUrologyPlastic Surgery, or Cardiovascular Surgery or another surgical department. Mentorship includes time in clinic, shadowing and attending grand rounds.  At the end of the summer, fellows present the work they have done that summer. Fellows also attend summer didactic lectures and career and professional development seminars geared toward undergraduates. The Rosenberg Summer Surgical Fellowship is a unique clinical training, boasting a near-100% acceptance rate for its alumni who later apply to medical school. Read two testimonials below.



Elizabeth Popp (right), 2017 Summer Fellow

"The summer before my junior year of college, I had the unforgettable and amazing opportunity to intern at Houston Methodist Hospital’s Department of Surgery under Dr. Wade Rosenberg. I was immediately integrated into Dr. Rosenberg’s surgical team with the residents and spent my summer scrubbing in, observing surgeries and attending rounds to see patients postoperatively. Dr. Rosenberg and the residents took me under their wings and gave me countless opportunities, from learning how to place an IV to suturing incisions. A couple weeks into my internship, Dr. Rosenberg approached me about presenting on his behalf at the Multidisciplinary Digestive Disease Conference about a recent case of an insulinoma. Initially, I was nervous about the prospect of presenting to a room full of gastroenterologists and surgeons, but I embraced the challenge. It was an amazing opportunity that allowed me to learn and grow both personally and professionally.  My 10 weeks as a summer surgical fellow, not only immersed me in patient care and expanded my knowledge of medicine, but truly confirmed my love of medicine and desire to be a surgeon one day. Ultimately, I hope to be a doctor as kind, compassionate and inspiring as Dr. Rosenberg and his residents."


Amber Chen-Goodspeed (second from right), 2015 Summer Fellow


"During the Summer of 2015, I was selected to join the Fields Rosenberg Summer Surgical Internship Program at Houston Methodist. Being surrounding by surgeons, nurses, residents and medical students who were always willing to teach, and seeing patients throughout the pre- and post-operative process showed me the inherently human quality of medicine and made me view medicine as one of the few fields where the impact one has on a person’s life can be captured on scans as well as in smiles. As part of the program, each intern was challenged to create a surgical-related independent research project. For some, this included interviews with patients in the clinic, reading research studies and analyzing data. My research took the form of a 22-page biography on one of the first surgeons in the Houston Medical Center, Dr. Paul Jordan. Dr. Rosenberg worked with me to create a project that was catered to my major, the history of medicine, and taught me a new style of research and presentation that I have continued to use in my undergraduate coursework. Overall, my time at Houston Methodist and the people I met while in the program continue to inspire me to become a person who can lead, teach, discover and change lives."

High School Research Internship


Roscoe Prince (Right), 2018 High School Summer Intern

We at Houston Methodist believe that investing in students at the high school level gives them better tools to navigate their careers in the sciences. To this end, we have ushered in the High School Research Internship, which allows high school students to receive training in a translational research lab and gain skills on a project they are invited to present at the poster retreat alongside their undergraduate counterparts. Additionally, the High School Research Internship has a career and professional development curriculum that provides tools on college selection, scholarship applications and scientific writing. Many high school interns return as undergrads to diversify their training in other laboratories.  

Application Requirements

Summer Undergraduate Research Internship

Please note that the 2019 Summer Undergraduate Research Internship is an unpaid internship. Requirements for the Summer Undergraduate Research Internship include:


  • Are enrolled in an undergraduate institution in the United States or be between the first and second year of medical school by June 3, 2019 (we also accept graduated seniors)
  • Have not taken any coursework towards a graduate degree in the sciences before June 3, 2019
  • Have a strong interest in translational research
  • Have a competitive course load in the sciences
  • Complete the "Research Summer Intern" application type within the application console
  • If accepted, commit to the full 10-week internship and complete all supplemental paperwork.

Scholarship awards of $2,000, based on merit and need, area available for the 10-week internship. (You may only be awarded one, but are encouraged to apply to both.) To apply for the scholarships, please complete the linked scholarships, and upload them as supplemental documentation to your internship application. (The Rosenberg Summer Surgical Fellowship is a separate program.)

Rosenberg Summer Surgical Fellowship

The 2019 Rosenberg Summer Surgical Fellowship is highly competitive, accepting only four-to-six applicants per summer. It comes with an award of $5,000 and is specifically set up for surgical shadowing. Requirements for the Rosenberg Summer Surgical Fellowship include: 

  • Are enrolled in an undergraduate institution in the United States. The Rosenberg Summer Surgical Fellowship does not accept graduated seniors, medical students, graduate students, or postdoctoral fellows
  • Have a strong desire to attend medical school, particularly surgery
  • Have a competitive course load in the sciences
  • Complete the "Rosenberg Summer Surgical Fellowship" application type within the application console
  • If accepted, commit to the full 10-week internship and complete all supplemental paperwork.

High School Research Internship

All high school students interested in research must complete this application. This internship is unpaid. (Note that The Caring Teen Volunteer Program no longer processes applications for young researchers.) Requirements for the High School Research Internship include:

  • Are at least 16 years of age on or before June 3, 2019
  • Display interest in translational research
  • Have a competitive course load in the sciences
  • Complete the "High School Research Internship" type within the application console
  • If accepted, commit to the full 10-week internship and complete all supplemental paperwork.

Application TIMELINE & Instructions


The 2019 Summer Undergraduate Internship Program applications will open in early December.  


The tentative timeline for the 2019 Summer Undergraduate Research Internship is as follows (dates subject to change):

  • Early November: Instructions are released online
  • December 2, 2018: The application will be available
  • January 27, 2019: Application deadline.  All application materials must be turned in by this date
  • Late February 2019: Applicants are notified of acceptance and have approximately two weeks to respond
  • Mid March 2019: Incoming applicants are notified of their internship mentors
  • April 1, 2019: Supplemental pre-background check materials due to Human Resources
  • May 3, 2019: The earliest possible date for background checks, TB testing, and drug screening
  • May 17, 2019: The deadline for background checks and testing to begin the internship on June 3
  • June 3, 2019 - August 9, 2019: The duration of the internship
  • Early July 2019: Scholarship recipients receive payment
  • August 7, 2019: Retreat

Application Questions


We are here to answer any of your questions.  For any questions, please contact:

Thank you for your interest in our internship, and best of luck to you.


DeBakey Institute for Cardiovascular Education & Training

The Houston Methodist DeBakey Institute for Cardiovascular Education & Training is no longer accepting applications for summer positions. Please check back early next year for updates.

Caring Teens Volunteer Program for High School Students

The Caring Teens Volunteer Program is now accepting applicants for the summer.  Please note that all applicants for research must go through the program listed above.  The Caring Teens Volunteer Program is for non-research Programs only.