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CTO Workshop: Intravital Microscopy Nanoparticle Dynamics in

Intravital microscopy (IVM) is emerging as an important experimental tool for the research and development of multi-functional therapeutic nanoconstructs.  The direct visualization of nanoparticle dynamics within live animals provides invaluable insights into the mechanisms that drive nanotherapeutics delivery, uptake, and treatment response. The Advanced Intravital Microscopy Suite features a upright Nikon A1R laser scanning confocal microscope equipped with a resonance scanner, isoflurane anesthesia system, heated stage, and custom coverslip mounts for the live imaging of small animals.  Surgical and nanoparticle preparation facilities are available directly adjacent to the microscope for a highly efficient workflow. 

This facility specializes in the real-time capture and quantification of rapid (<1s) cell and particle dynamics.  Ongoing projects include: real-time imaging of nanoparticle dynamics in normal and diseased vasculature, time-lapse imaging of metastatic cell engraftment and proliferation, longitudinal studies of multi-stage particle partitioning into different organs, and characterization of disease response to locally activated therapies.  We are available to collaborate with investigators in the design, execution, and analysis of animal experiments, as well as develop new instrumentation and methodologies as needs arise.

Accumulation of 1000x400nm silicon particles (red) within the vasculature (green) of human-derived orthotopic breast tumors. 

Selective uptake of 3kDa tracers (red) and exclusion of 40kDa tracers (green) by advanced (>1mm) liver metastases. Healthy liver is shown in the right, the metastatic nodule on the left.


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