Research Development

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Our team supports researchers' efforts to obtain intramural and extramural research and education funding through project management and editorial services. We provide a wide array of opportunities through personalized assistance with grant proposals, manuscripts, clinical protocols and graphics.

Grant Proposal and Protocol Development

We offer technical writing services and assistance with all aspects of grant and protocol development. Contact us to learn more.

Manuscript Services

We can provide a range of services for manuscript review, editing, and journal matching. Contact us to learn more about manuscript services.

Funding Opportunities

Our team helps you identify extramural and intramural funding opportunities for your research. We can curate custom lists and set up ongoing alerts for new opportunities that match you interests or portfolio. Our network of contacts and sponsor relationships can also offer deeper insight into sponsor priorities beyond the published requests for applications. Contact us for more information. 

Graphic and Visualizations

Professional graphic services enhance research documents and presentations with graphical abstracts, illustrations, and models. Learn how we can help.