Intravital Microscopy

Intravital Microscopy Image

Core Director: Enrica De Rosa, PhD

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At Houston Methodist’s Intravital Microscopy Core our expert and experienced research professionals master state-of-the-art imaging and image analysis tools to achieve in vivo advanced descriptive imaging and quantitative data analysis.

The core is equipped with a single- and multi-photon confocal microscope with the fastest resonant scanner on the market, multiple laser sources and detectors that allows simultaneous image caption of four different fluorophores or contrast mechanisms, including second harmonic generation. 

Intravital Microscopy Image

Core staff is able to provide custom designed experiment, training, creative imaging and image analysis solutions of various tissues and organs (including skin, liver, brain, spline, lung, ear, intestine, muscle, pancreas, lymph nodes, and solid tumors).

By implanting a window chamber (dorsal, abdominal and brain), the dynamics of therapeutic agents, micro- and nano-particles, and biological changes occurring locally can be observed in real-time for weeks.

Moreover, to provide better statistic and take into account tissue heterogeneity, image or video acquisition can be iteratively automated over multiple fields of view and collected for short and long term (min-days).