With allergic diseases, autoimmune disorders and immunodeficiencies affecting up to 50 percent of the population, immunology is one of the most comprehensive fields in health care. Immunological conditions are multifaceted and are further complicated when outside influences like preexisting conditions or medications lead to overlapping symptoms that increase the difficulty of diagnosing and treating the primary source.

Complex immunologic conditions are more successfully diagnosed when a team of specialists in immunologic diseases collaborates. Conducting research and training future immunologists are paramount for diagnosing and treating complex conditions and advancing the field.

Houston Methodist's Immunology Center is bringing healing and hope to patients with complex immunologic, allergic and autoimmune diseases while training the next generation to ensure a vibrant future with groundbreaking research and clinical trials.

The Immunology Center will serve as a resource to the Houston community, because Houston Methodist offers:
  • Unmatched clinical expertise with demonstrated excellence in treating disease and extending life
  • An institution built on progress with an uninterrupted trajectory of growth and success
  • An independent academic medical center with flexibility for strong partnerships across the country and around the world and an institutional focus and commitment to translational research
  • Strong leadership with the financial health and business acumen to make be successful and sustainable and the medical and scientific leadership in place to move this center forward
  • A values driven organization with a values- and faith-based commitment to attend to the whole human being in all physical, emotional and spiritual dimensions

Fondren foundation commits $15 million for immunologic disorders

Fondren Family
The gift supports the Immunology Center and creates a multidisciplinary program for people with complex allergy, immunologic, autoimmune and GI conditions.
David P. Huston, MD
David P. Huston, MD

David Huston, MD is the W. Bryan Trammell Jr. Family Distinguished Chair in Allergy and Immunology and Associate Dean at Texas A&M University.

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