Flow Cytometry Core

Core Director: David L. Haviland, PhD, CCy
ISAC Councilor (2014-2018)
713-441-9233 dlhaviland@houstonmethodist.org

To learn more about the services offered by this core, please download our brochure or contact the core director. To schedule resources for this core, log in to iLab

At Houston Methodist’s Flow Cytometry Core, our research professionals and laboratory technicians provide training, instrumentation, technical expertise and software for flow cytometric analysis and cell sorting. We offer analyzer training, design assistance for experimental protocols and ongoing consultation and support. Our staff can advise you on sample preparation, controls, excitation and detection, data interpretation and manuscript preparation. The instruments we use allow us to make very concise measurements at the cellular level, evaluate a large number of samples in a short time and gather information on very rare populations of cells.