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Research Facilities

  Outstanding research facilities are crucial to the work of HMRI physician-scientist investigators. World-class research space is also critical for successfully recruiting and retaining outstanding investigators. With this in mind, Houston Methodist research facilities include a 440,000 sf building that was completed in 2010. Houston Methodist Research Institute Translational Research Building includes open laboratory space designed to house 90 principal investigators, core facilities to enhance interdisciplinary research, and two Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) facilities to prepare clinical-grade radiopharmaceuticals, biological agents and small molecules; state-of-the-art imaging equipment for preclinical and clinical studies; and a surgical simulation training facility.



The structure of the lab space facilitates interaction and discussion by using modular, flexible research spaces and that encourage cross-disciplinary interaction.


The building was designed to foster collaboration and sharing of ideas between scientists of all disciplines.


Technology is the backbone of the Research Institute building, providing researchers, scientists, physicians and engineers with all the tools they need to further their research. Research Institute houses advanced imaging and molecular imaging suites dedicated solely to research.


The Research Institute is equipped with its own cyclotron to create radioisotopes to be used in imaging and research.