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Clinical Innovations and Outcomes Program

Clinical Innovation and Outcomes Program

The Clinical Innovations and Outcomes Program is a multidisciplinary program designed to foster the development of Principal Investigator-initiated clinical trials, participate and recruit for industry sponsored clinical trials and report on the outcomes of cardiovascular procedures. This program is integrated with the clinical research arm of The Methodist Hospital Research Institute (TMHRI) and provides administrative and biostatistical support for investigators to carry out clinical research in cardiovascular disease. The program offers a Research Fellowship and provides residents and students with both training and faculty mentoring in Clinical Research. The focus areas are Cardiovascular Imaging and Simulation, Minimally Invasive and Robotic Cardiovascular Surgery, Aortic Aneurysmal Disease, Dialysis Access, Lower Extremity Arterial and Venous Interventions and Vascular Progenitor Cell Therapy. Innovative collaborations occur with the Oil and Gas and Biotechnology industries through the annual Pumps and Pipes symposium that brings biomedical researchers together with oil and gas scientists to allow the free exchange of ideas and development of joint projects. The program also provides opportunities for MBA students to study Health Care Finances and the Business of Medicine.

Current funding

NSF - CPS (0932272)"Image Guided Robot-Assisted Medical Interventions"
NHLBI (U01 HL077221) "Claudication: Exercise vs. Endoluminal Revascularization (CLEVER)



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Dialysis Access

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Lower Extremity

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