A Phase II, Open-label, Prospective, Single-arm, Study to Assess Ability of Eltrombopag to Induce Sustained Remission in Subjects With ITP Who Are Refractory or Relapsed After First-line Steroids

Investigator: Lawrence Rice, MD

Study Coordinator: Minh Truong

Status: Enrolling

ClinicalTrials.gov Number: NCT03524612

Phone: 346.238.6403

Protocol Number: Pro00021288


This study will assess the ability of eltrombopag to induce sustained treatment-free remission in ITP subjects who relapsed or failed to respond to an initial treatment with steroids. There is limited, mainly retrospective evidence that earlier use of eltrombopag after ITP diagnosis, will allow a larger proportion of subjects to achieve sustained remission after tapering off drug. Clinically there is a need for a less toxic regimen that will provide responses and sustained remission with a shorter treatment interval. This trial is designed to assess this.
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