X-linked Hypophosphatemia Disease Monitoring Program (XLH-DMP)

Investigator: Dale Hamilton, MD

Study Coordinator: Melissa Whipple

Status: Open Not Enrolling

ClinicalTrials.gov Number: NCT03651505

Phone: 713.441.3247

Protocol Number: Pro00018924


The XLH-DMP is a global, prospective, multicenter, longitudinal, long-term outcomes program for subjects on or off any treatment designed to characterize XLH disease presentation and progression, assess long-term safety and effectiveness of burosumab, as well as prospectively investigate longitudinal change over time across biomarker(s), clinical assessments, and patient/caregiver-reported outcome measures in a representative population. The XLH-DMP will collect demographic, biochemical, physiologic, disease severity, and progression data in patients taking burosumab and those not taking burosumab. In this DMP, patients will only have access to burosumab through authorized prescribed use. The Sponsor will not provide any treatments as part of the DMP.
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