Memory Improvement Through Nicotine Dosing (MIND) Study (MIND)

Investigator: Joseph Masdeu, MD

Study Coordinator: Jennifer Garrett

Status: Enrolling Number: NCT02720445

Phone: 713.441.9484

Protocol Number: Pro00016502


The purpose of the study is to see if daily transdermal nicotine is able to produce a significant cognitive, clinical and functional improvement in participants with MCI. Neuronal nicotinic receptors have long been known to play a critical role in memory function in preclinical studies, with nicotine improving attention, learning, and memory function. The study will enroll 300 participants for a 2 year period. Participants will be randomized (50:50) to either the transdermal nicotine, beginning at 7mg/day, and increasing to 21mg/day, or placebo skin patch.
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