Guerbet Study

Investigator: Dipan Shah, MD

Study Coordinator: Bevin Lopez

Status: Open Not Enrolling Number: NCT00000000

Phone: 346.238.5810

Protocol Number: Pro00012234


This study is designed to evaluate the efficacy of Dotarem enhanced MRI compared to Magnevist and Gadavist enhanced MRI in identifying myocardial infarct. Eighty patients will be recruited for this study. Patients with known CAD and undergoing clinically referred CMR imaging at the Cardiac Magnetic Resonance laboratory at the Houston Methodist DeBakey Heart & Vascular will be enrolled for this study (see patient distribution in Table 1). Our imaging protocol for patients with CAD includes myocardial viability assessment using Magnevist or Gadavist enhanced CMR and T1 mapping of the myocardium for the quantification of extracellular volume (ECV). Myocardial extracellular space is expanded by diffuse interstitial fibrosis. This elevation in the ECV fraction can now be measured non-invasively by CMR using pre and post contrast T1 relaxation times of blood and myocardium with correction for the blood volume of distribution via the hematocrit.
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