Clinical Education & Training for Healthcare Professionals

Live Surgery Observation in the Medical Presence Suite
MITIESM is an educational resource for health care professionals seeking to maintain excellent clinical skills, and develop and acquire new ones. Health care professionals improve patient safety with ongoing procedural skills training, research on skills acquisition, and new technology and procedure development.

Function and Purpose

The MITIE research and training spaces are housed under one roof. This enables the logical, progressive development of collaborative research and training efforts. The learning process begins with the development of new technology or procedural techniques by scientists and physicians working in the research core of MITIE. These advances evolve through the use of a simulated patient care environment. Once the efficacy of a technology or procedure is proven, it can be disseminated to practicing physicians in the MITIE training area and MedPresence room.

To introduce these skills to the entire medical team, MITIE develops the metrics required to define procedural competence, then conducts team-based and individual training in the virtual hospital. These final steps in the process facilitate the approval of credentialing bodies and the safe integration of the procedure or technology into clinical practice.


  • Develop novel technologies to enable less invasive medical care.
  • Demonstrate cutting-edge techniques via live audio and video conferencing within all Houston Methodist procedure areas.
  • Influence local, regional, national and international health care professionals and providers.


  • Train physicians in procedural skills across multiple specialties.
  • Conduct research on the metrics of skills acquisition.
  • Enhance patient safety using high fidelity simulation training.


  • Practicing physicians can access all components under one roof.
  • Remote telementoring uses audiovisual conferencing via wearable technology.
  • Image guidance enhances procedural accuracy.
  • Robotics improve the efficacy and outcomes of minimally invasive procedures.

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