Houston Methodist Institute for Technology, Innovation & Education 

The Houston Methodist Institute for Technology, Innovation & Education (MITIESM) is an innovative virtual hospital and hands-on clinical training facility for health care professionals seeking to maintain excellent procedural skills and acquire new proficiencies. We aim to improve patient safety through these educational pursuits and to conduct research on skills acquisition and technological development.

MITIE was founded by executive director, Barbara Lee Bass, MD, the John F., Jr. and Carolyn Bookout Presidential Distinguished Chair of the Department of Surgery, former chair of the Board of Governors for the American College of Surgeons, and three-term member of the Board of Regents and chair of the American Board of Surgery.

MITIESM demonstrates how telementoring expands the reach of experienced clinical mentorship from epicenters of health care innovation to benefit patients around the world. Read more in the Houston Chronicle>>

MITIE Feature in March 2016 Issue of TMC Pulse

A New Home for Surgical Education

The Houston Methodist Institute for Technology, Innovation & Education offers practicing physicians a platform to hone their technique and safely adopt new technologies. Read the entire article about MITIE in the March issue of the TMC Pulse.

2nd ANNUAL SYMPOSIUM on Exploring Frontiers in the Management of Digestive and Liver Disorders

Several new surgical, endoscopic and pharmacological approaches to the management of digestive disorders have become available, yet their exact role in the management of these disorders in unclear. Learn more>>

Finishing School 2016


We are pleased to invite your fellows to attend the Cardiovascular Fellows’ Finishing School to be held May 20-22, 2016 at the Houston Methodist DeBakey Heart & Vascular Center, Houston, Texas.

The Finishing School course aims to provide graduating cardiology fellows and vascular fellows/integrated residents an opportunity to hone their skills in advanced heart and vascular techniques. Learn more >>

Bootcamp 2016


On the first day trainees immediately begin honing their technical skills in a full day of hands-on training with cadavers and simulators. Trainees can choose from 3 tracks: vascular, cardiology, and cardiac. Learn more >>

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