Investigator: Kenneth Podell, MD

Study Coordinator: Jennifer Garrett

Status: Enrolling Number: NCT02477943

Phone: 713.441.9484

IRB Number: Pro00012337


BrainScope is developing a new generation of portable, simple-to-use, non-invasive instrument to detect Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) at the initial point of care. This study is designed to collect data which will be used to correlate changes in EEG to mild TBI in sports concussion. BrainScope is recruiting 10 Universities across the country to enroll 750 athletes over 2-3 years. The study will include obtaining baseline measurements before the season begins. Injured athletes will be studied during the season within 24-72 hours of their time of injury. Matched controls will be tested during their respective season. All athletes will be re-tested at the end of their respective season.
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