Wound Care Program at Sugar Land

Wound Care Program
When left untreated, chronic wounds can diminish your quality of life and prevent you from doing the activities you enjoy. At Houston Methodist Sugar Land Hospital, our team of wound specialists pinpoints the exact cause of your chronic injury and uses the latest techniques — including hyperbaric oxygen therapy and bioengineered skin replacement — to help you heal. 

Advanced, Multifaceted Wound Care

At Houston Methodist Sugar Land, we believe in taking an aggressive, team approach to healing wounds. As a result, most of our patients leave our care fully healed. Our Wound Care Program offers:


  • An expert team that includes doctors and nurses who specialize exclusively in wound care and infectious disease, as well as surgical specialists, vascular surgeons, radiologists, oncologists, podiatrists and urologists
  • A personalized care plan coordinated by wound care nurses who serve as case managers and, along with other providers, work closely with doctors to ensure the best outcome possible for each patient
  • The ability to identify why wounds aren’t healing and treat them effectively, following the highest standards and rigorous adherence to the latest practices in wound care guidelines 

Wound Treatment Services We Offer

Houston Methodist Sugar Land offers the full spectrum of wound care technology and techniques, including:

  • Bioengineered skin products and procedures. Cell-based, bioengineered skin substitutes accelerate wound repair by replacing missing skin and helping your own skin grow properly. The use of bioengineered skin greatly reduces complications during the healing process
  • Hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT). Oxygen is vital to the growth of healthy skin and blood vessels, both of which are critical to proper wound healing. HBOT therapy increases the amount of oxygen in your blood, which promotes faster skin and blood vessel growth and restores healthy tissue to the wound site
  • Specialized wound dressings. Advanced wound coverings are made from materials specifically designed to absorb fluids and protect open skin while accelerating wound repair and reducing the risk of complications 
  • The Limb Salvage Program. Our program provides comprehensive, coordinated care for individuals who are at risk for amputation due to severe vascular disease and lower extremity wounds. Using sophisticated diagnostic technology, our team will quickly identify the reason for your wound or pain and develop a coordinated treatment plan that can prevent infections and tissue loss that ultimately lead to amputations.
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Wound Care Program 
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