Fitness Classes

Houston Methodist Wellness Services fitness classes
Houston Methodist Wellness Services offers a variety of exercise classes at different fitness levels designed to help you meet and exceed your fitness goals.

We conveniently offer classes throughout the week.

Low Impact Aerobics: A cardiovascular workout that avoids bouncing or jumping

Yoga: A series of consecutive physical postures combined with specific breathing techniques to improve flexibility and strength

Body Sculpt: A non-aerobic muscle-toning class that uses exercise bands or dumbbells to increase overall strength

Stability Ball: Uses a stability ball to improve balance, stability and strength 

Stretch: Designed to increase range of motion in joints and to reduce stiffness and injury by practicing slow, static stretches

Build a Body: 20 minutes of low impact cardio, 20 minutes of body sculpting with weights and 20 minutes of stretching

Whole Body Tone: Targets all muscles to help you achieve a well-toned and well-balanced body

Step: Low-impact aerobics that incorporates the use of an elevated platform to increase cardiovascular fitness

Pi-Yo: Designed to develop strength, flexibility, coordination and core strength using a combination of Pilates and yoga techniques

Joints in Motion: An aquatics class that incorporates aerobic, strength and flexibility components. A wide variety of equipment and the water's natural resistance make this class both challenging and fun 

Joints in Motion Light: An aquatics class that is a less intensive workout with the same benefits and exercise components of Joints in Motion