On-site Wellness Solutions

Houston Methodist Wellness Services on-site solutions
Houston Methodist Wellness Services experts help organizations take employee health to the next level by building a culture of wellness in the workplace. This approach is most effective in an environment that promotes and rewards healthy lifestyle choices, prevention and personal responsibility.

Wellness specialists will work with you to tailor health promotion programs for your workforce based on business priorities. We will define metrics that reflect your goals and objectives in the following ways: 

  • Population health improvement
  • Risk reduction
  • Participation
  • Program satisfaction
  • Program completion
  • Program outcomes
  • Engagement
  • Rewards redemption
  • Fulfillment

Employee Services
Houston Methodist Wellness Services partners with organizations to provide comprehensive wellness programming through an on-site coordinator. 

Programming includes the following:
  • Nutrition consultations and classes
  • Fitness classes and metabolic assessments
  • Stress management programs
  • Tobacco cessation
  • Massage and acupuncture
  • Healthy lifestyle coaching
  • Wellness challenges

Let Houston Methodist help you achieve your health management goals through our tailored wellness service programs. Contact us at 713.363.7007 or wellnessconsultant@houstonmethodist.org.