Email your TytoCare exam results directly to a provider. Here's how:

As part of streamlining the ways we provide care, Houston Methodist is no longer partnering with TytoCare directly. Instead, we’ve introduced a process where you email your TytoCare exam results directly to a provider. Simply click below for detailed instructions on how to complete a TytoCare self-exam and send the results. 

For instructions on how to use your TytoCare exam kit for a Virtual Urgent Care visit, click here

If you’re a Premier Care or a Concierge Care patient and would like to use your device with your primary care provider, click here.

Need more information before trying the TytoCare exam kit? Check out our FAQs.

What smartphones and tablets work with the TytoCare exam kit?

The TytoCare app works with iOS (last two versions) and Android (4.4.4 and above), and the app also works with most Apple iOS and Android OS devices.

How is this different from Virtual Urgent Care?

You can access the same providers, but with an enhanced visit that allows our providers to complete exams they otherwise couldn’t (like listening to your lungs or examining your inner ears).

Who are the providers who will see me?

Board-certified providers from Houston Methodist.

Who sees the data from my exams, and is it HIPAA compliant?

TytoCare lets you send exam data over an encrypted, secure network. This data is then stored on a cloud platform that meets privacy standards of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, also known as HIPAA. You and your health care provider determine who can access your medical records.

Who do I contact for technical support?

Please contact TytoCare support at 866.971.TYTO (8986) or

Who can use the TytoCare exam kit?

Once the device has been purchased, anyone in your household can use it. Providers can see patients as young as 2 years of age.

What kind of medical conditions can I use the TytoCare exam kit for?

The TytoCare exam kit can be used for non-emergency, urgent care needs, including cold and flu, ear pain, cough, congestion, pink eye, fever, rashes and stomach ache, among others.

How much does a Virtual Urgent Care visit using the TytoCare exam kit cost?

Virtual Urgent Care visits are a flat fee of $20 per visit. We now accept most major insurance plans for Virtual Urgent Care.

Can I use the TytoCare exam kit to check vitals without talking to a provider?

Yes. You can use the TytoCare device to check your vitals, such as temperature and heart rate, as well as look at your inner ear.
Learn more about Virtual Urgent Care and find more FAQs.