Houston Methodist Academic Medicine Associates - Transplant pulmonology

Houston Methodist Pulmonology lung diagram

The transplant pulmonologists of Houston Methodist Academic Medicine Associates are an important part of one of the most active lung transplant centers in both the nation and the world. Our doctors and nurse practitioners work around the clock to provide excellent care to their patients, including those in the hospital. Our transplant pulmonologists are highly skilled in the following areas:


To ensure that we are always providing the most advanced care possible, our doctors are involved in research seeking answers to help improve lung transplantation outcomes, pulmonary hypertension, physiology of transplanted lungs and post-transplant critical care. We are committed to helping you improve your quality of life and offer many treatment options to successfully reach this goal. Each member of our dynamic and collaborative team is a highly respected specialist in their field and dedicated to high-quality patient care as well as research that advances and refines current available therapies.


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