Hospital Medicine

Hospital Medicine | Houston Methodist

The hospital medicine specialists of Houston Methodist Academic Hospitalist Group provide care for patients who are admitted to Houston Methodist Hospital. Our team communicates with hospitalized individuals' primary care and specialists physicians to create a seamless plan of care. Together we provide high-quality patient care, develop innovative patient safety initiatives, and have extensive expertise in best treatment practices, care coordination, and facilitation of post-discharge care. 

At Houston Methodist Academic Hospitalist Group, our team ensures patients receive the best possible care through the following: 

  • We are hospital-based, which means we are always close by in case of emergency, and can respond quickly to changes in your condition. 
  • We communicate with your primary care physician and/or referring physician, keeping them updated with your care. 
  • We are a resource for patients and their families, providing answers in-person and spending as much time as needed to ensure patients are comfortable with their treatment plans. 
  • We assist patients through a speedy recovery process by following up on tests and adjusting treatment plans throughout the day based on those results. 
  • We work in a team environment, collaborating to make sure that everyone on each patient's team is fully up to speed on the treatment plan and medical care. 
  • We know every specialist and department in the hospital and can process consults quickly. 

To contact our offices, please call 713.441.6722.