Core Director: Leif Peterson, PhD, MPH

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At the Houston Methodist Biostatistics Core, we provide statistical analysis, data management and high performance computing services to internal and external research teams. Our core is a fee-for-service facility that consults on study design and analyses for grant- and contract-supported investigative research teams and clinical research groups. Our staff — who together hold more than 50 years experience in statistical analysis, mathematics, computation and data management — participate in grants, contracts, teaching and private consultations. We offer help in the areas of:

  • Study design and conceptualization
  • Data collection, storage/retrieval, and warehousing
  • Sample size determination and statistical power
  • Percentage points for discrete and continuous probability distributions (Binomial, Poisson, Standard Normal, Student’s t, F-ratio, Laplace, Skew-Normal, Logistic, etc.)
  • Monte Carlo simulation and uncertainty analysis
  • Inferential hypothesis testing
  • Linear models (ANOVA, ANACOVA, MANOVA, and regression)
  • Categorical modeling (log-linear, linear categorical, regression, and logistic regression)
  • Univariate and multivariate regression modeling and diagnostics
  • Survival and propensity scoring analysis
  • Longitudinal data analysis (GLM, GEE, and RMANOVA)
  • Bioinformatics (microarray QC, normalization, gene profile identification, cluster, and heat maps)
  • Data mining