Core Director: Lidong Qin, PhD 

Core Manager: Erkuan Wang

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The experienced professionals in the Biomicrofluidics Core at Houston Methodist are experts in biomicrofluidic chip design and fabrication. The core creates custom designed microfluidic molds and chips, fabricates pre-made biomicrofluidic chips and provides consultation services for biomicrofluidics projects. Some of the pre-made chips include the V- and M-chips and chips that perform single-cell analysis and cell separation.


Specialized Services
The Biomicrofluidics Core offers several specialized services including consultation services for building your own microfluidic chips and fabrication of the following:

  • Custom designed replica molds used for soft lithography
  • Custom designed microfluidic PDMS/Glass chips
  • Pre-made microfluidic chips:
-Single-cell analysis chip 
-Cell separation chip
-Single-cell pipet tip



  • OAI model 200 Mask Aligner
  • Self-built UV exposure system
  • Nikon Eclipse LV 100ND microscope
  • Plasma Etch PE50 and Harrick plasma cleaners
  • Thermoscientific Super-Nuova single-position digital stirring hotplates
  • Dongda engraving machine
  • Schmidt Tech holes puncher