Innovation Challenge

Crowd Solving Initiative Encompassing Problems in Mathematics, Mechanics, Oncology & Nanotechnology

Several years ago I shared some unsolved scientific problems in the International Journal of Non-linear Mechanics. I believe that finding solutions for them could pave the way towards realizing true personalization of therapy. Various reasons have kept me from pursuing these. So, instead of letting them sit on my desk, I am sharing these problems with you.

I hope these math-focused problems spark your interest and participation because they can be tackled without research funding. Your solutions will help the field of personalized medicine grow, and could act as a catalyst for new ideas and innovations in other fields as well. You are welcome to take them as inspiration or contact me for further discussion - it is completely up to you. Best of luck!

Mauro Ferrari, PhD

General Problem 1

Nanoscale mass transport through the body:
To formulate the governing laws of transport of nanoscale mass through the body.

General Problem 2

Mass transport in nanoscale environments:
To formulate the governing laws of transport of mass through nanoscale environments within biological cells.

General Problem 3

Predictive anatomy:
To determine the governing equation of predictive anatomy.