Genomic Instability Assessment Core

Core Manager:
Randa El-Zein, MBChB, PhD

Administrative Support

For more information, download the core brochure.

Our Genomic Instability Assessment Core provides Houston Methodist and the Texas Medical Center community with access tools for assessment of mitotic spindle apparatus dynamics.

The core is staffed by experienced professionals who provide assistance with experimental design, specimen preparation and microscopy imaging techniques for data analysis of biological samples. We will help troubleshoot and optimize experiments to ensure the highest quality data is acquired.

Our Specialized Services

The Core provides services for the assessment of mitotic spindle apparatus dynamics.

Assessment includes:

  • Mitotic spindle orientation and
    spindle angle measurement
  • Centrosome amplifications
  • Centrosome disengagement
  • Chromosome segregation defects
  • Assessment of spindle assembly and
    chromosome separation pathways
  • Assessment of consequences of
    mitotic alterations on DNA damage
  • Telomere length assessment using:
    • RT-PCR
    • Q-FISH