Our Services

The expert health care professionals in psychiatry services at Houston Methodist offer individualized inpatient and outpatient care for a wide variety of conditions, including the following: 

Treatments and Procedures
Mental health disorders are complex and require clinical care tailored to the needs of the patient delivered as part of comprehensive care by a multidisciplinary treatment team. Houston Methodist provides mental health treatment on an inpatient basis. Services provided with inpatient mental health treatment include:

  • General education on mental health conditions
  • Group therapy
  • Medication therapy
  • Referral to appropriate outpatient psychiatric care after discharge

Psychiatric Treatment Team
The physicians and other health professionals at Houston Methodist offer compassionate care from leading mental health professionals for the treatment of a wide variety of psychiatric conditions. Our team-based approach to care is tailored to your individual needs, including 24-hour patient support. Mental health disorders are complex and require clinical care by a multidisciplinary treatment team, including the following:

  • Psychiatrist (MD, DO) – Psychiatrists are licensed physicians specializing in the evaluation, diagnosis and treatment of mental disorders. Their medical and psychiatric training prepares them to treat adults as well as children and adolescents, either individually as part of and involving the family unit, or in a group setting. Psychiatrists can prescribe medications, if needed
  • Social worker (BA, BSW, MS, MSW, LCSW) – A social worker often works with the family to reach long- and short-term treatment goals, as established by your physician. A social worker may perform several forms of psychotherapy with the patient and family, as necessary
  • Psychiatric nurse (MSN) – A psychiatric nurse is a clinical specialist in psychiatric mental health nursing. A psychiatric nurse is educationally and clinically trained in psychopathology, individual, group and family therapy, and crisis intervention