Facial Paralysis Surgery & Functional Restoration

Facial expressions represent a complex language reflecting internal feelings. When facial nerves are damaged, the face does not portray our emotions accurately. Loss of this important means of communication can have detrimental effects on an individual's well-being.

Facial nerve paralysis is the unfortunate end product of a series of complex disorders. Events and conditions that can lead to facial nerve paralysis include:


  • Tumors
  • Trauma
  • Viral infections – Bell's palsy
  • Strokes
  • Congenital differences – Moebius syndrome, craniofacial microsomia (a birth defect) and CHARGE syndrome


Our Approach to Treatment

At Houston Methodist, we offer innovative surgical techniques to restore facial paralysis. The goals of facial paralysis surgery include protecting the eye, preventing drooling and re-establishing facial symmetry both in motion and at rest.

Our surgical approach is customized to the individual patient and takes into consideration the cause and duration of the paralysis, as well as the condition of the facial nerve. The use of advanced surgical techniques carefully tailored to the individual can provide a meaningful recovery for many patients living with facial paralysis.

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