Houston Methodist’s sports medicine specialists do not just treat your injuries — we help you prevent future injuries from happening. Our sports pre-habilitation service provides the therapy and the tools you need to stay safe, strong and at the top of your game after a sports injury.

The goal of sports pre-habilitation is to restore range of motion, strength and function to the joints prior to surgery, making post-surgical rehabilitation and recovery less painful and more effective. In addition, sports pre-habilitation may even help an athlete avoid surgery altogether. Therapy ultimately focuses on injury prevention as a part of treatment, preventing athletes from suffering further injuries.

Some sports injuries, such as fractures or ligament tears, happen suddenly. However, many other injuries come from overuse of one joint or muscle group. In some cases, sports pre-habilitation may include preventative programs for athletes who have already recovered from prior injuries.

Whether you are a new athlete or a seasoned pro, you can benefit from our pre-habilitation services to stay in top condition.