Remote Second Opinion

When facing a difficult diagnosis, complicated surgery or long-term treatment, a second opinion from an experienced physician can be an important educational and informational tool. That is why so many international patients start with remote second opinions from Houston Methodist.

Why Should I Have a Remote Second Opinion?

Our remote second opinions are a convenient, cost-effective and quick option to provide additional information on your doctor’s initial diagnosis, share additional tests or procedures you and your physician should consider, or revise your initial diagnosis. Even if a second provider agrees with the diagnosis, there might be experimental or less-invasive treatment options available. With our secure online portal, you can benefit from the world-class expertise our doctors bring to international patients — without ever leaving home.

Once you receive your remote second opinion, if you would like an in-person medical appointment, our Patient Services team is available to assist you in locating an appropriate Houston Methodist specialist.

How Do I Get Started With a Remote Second Opinion?

Visit our Second Opinion site to learn more and request a remote second opinion. This site allows you to choose your preferred language (English, Spanish or Arabic).

Once you create a profile, you will be asked to fill out your health questionnaire and upload your medical records. Please note: Your medical records must be in English. If your records are not already in English, you must have them translated by a certified medical translator and sent to us before we can arrange your remote second opinion. Visit our Appointments & Referrals page for more information about international medical records.

Our Global Health Care Services team is happy to arrange a remote second opinion for you if you prefer. Contact us to speak in your language with one of our team members.

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