Care Navigators

 The Houston Methodist Care Navigator program is available to everyone in the community, whether relying on Medicare or not, who would like assistance in such areas as establishing a primary care physician relationship, finding a specialist to manage specific health needs, connecting with laboratories and imaging services, finding wellness programs, or answering specific questions about an illness or condition.

The HMPAQ Care Navigator Program is designed to serve several purposes: 

  • Successfully improve communication and information exchange across the continuum of care
  • Provide patients with needed care coordination between practitioners and ancillary providers
  • Provide assistance in identifying the best qualified practitioners and sites
  • Provide assistance in identifying the best and most specific medical information related to questions on specific conditions or medical issues

The HMPAQ Care Navigator Program includes key components:

  • Coordination of care between primary care physicians, specialists and other providers
  • Post-hospitalization/emergency room visit support and assistance
  • Acute episode of complex care assistance
  • Effective chronic illness management by improved reversible risk factor treatment, case management and patient disease knowledge/self-management skills
  • Case management resources
  • Medication reconciliation post-discharge

The HMPAQ Care Navigator Program utilizes highly trained and experienced registered nurses:

  • Coordinate the delivery of care with patients and their dependents
  • Facilitate effective communication between practitioners
  • Help identify the best practitioners for consultation or medical home
  • Assist patients with complex conditions by providing needed knowledge about their illness and how to make better informed decisions
  • Assist patients with insurance benefits interpretation
  • Assist patients with connections to needed community resources

Houston Methodist care navigator program (English)

Houston Methodist care navigator program (Spanish)

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