Center for Cyber-Physical Systems for the Hospital Operating Room

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Computational Science & Surgery Science to form a new generation of high-tech practice

The Center for Cyber-Physical Systems for the Hospital Operating Room (CyBHOR) offers industry members a vibrant, interdisciplinary team of computational scientists and faculty members in surgery working in synergy with the health care industry to improve patient care through the advancement of next generation, high-tech medical practices touching all aspects of surgical care. CyBHOR currently consists of two sites: the Houston Methodist Research Institute and the University of Florida, Gainesville. Additional national and international sites are in their early stages.

Operating from the Houston Methodist Research Institute, at the heart of the world’s largest medical center and benefitting strongly from the site in University of Florida, Gainesville, that champions business startups in bioengineering and technology transfer, CyBHOR maintains successful collaborations across the country. The center benefits from the alignment with the $ 40 million infrastructure of Houston Methodist Institute for Technology, Innovation & Education (MITIESM) which is a comprehensive education and research institute that trains about 4,000 surgeons every year from across the globe. Its educational mission is to support health care professionals in maintaining excellent clinical skills and acquiring new ones.

CyBHOR operates with an interdisciplinary team of about twenty faculty from the University of Florida, Houston Methodist and University of Houston, as well as twenty surgeons from most specialties. CyBHOR works to increase the quantity and quality of professionals contributing to this field by bringing together a multi-disciplinary, highly motivated team of leaders, dedicated to improving patient care, and committed to using practical approaches to solving complex problems. Our NSF Industry-Academic Center, offers several benefits to industry partners, surgeons and other healthcare providers, faculty and students. We encourage you to learn about the many advantages of partnering with us.


Be the leading research center in the emerging and multi-disciplinary field of Modern Surgery enabled by computational science and technologies.

Mission Statement:

By providing a proven collaborative framework for industry partners, hospitals, and universities to engage in cooperative research of interest and value to our members, CyBHOR advances, develops, and promotes research on the principles and technologies of computational surgery.

Research Areas include:
• Mathematics and algorithm design
• Imaging, robotics, informatics, and simulation technologies
• Biological and physical principles

Center Director
Marc Garbey, PhD

Marc Garbey, PhD, Scientific Director, Center for Computational Surgery, Department of Surgery, Houston Methodist

Contact Information

Verena Kallhoff, PhD, MBA
Managing Director CyBHOR
Operations Manager
Center for Computational Surgery
6670 Bertner Avenue, WP254
Houston, TX 77030